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Company Profile:

Why Teles? When we first opened our doors in November 2007, the mortgage crisis was just beginning to unfold and signs of a downturn in real estate were everywhere. The most common question we received was, “Why would anyone open a real estate company right now?” Why? We knew the timing was absolutely perfect. We anticipated big changes in the real estate industry. We felt that big companies had become too big and impersonal. We believed it was time for a high-end boutique unlike any other. We would attack the status quo on all fronts, using our experience and energy to make our goals a reality. We knew unrivaled support for our agents would enable them to provide clients with an extraordinary level of service and professionalism. We knew that technology would give us a tremendous advantage. Why Teles? Because we are creating a whole new dimension in luxury real estate that is destined to lead the industry well into the future.